Trakai castle just outside Vilnius

Ruins near the summit area

Farm near the summit area

Summit marker

Summit selfie

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Background Information:

Altitude: 958'

Tidbits:  Highest point in Lithuania


Summitted, September 1, 2005


When to go:

Anytime, although there is questionable snow removal service on the last mile or two of roadway in the winter.


Route Selection:

The trail is a brief walk up a small hill in the middle of nowhere. 


Getting there and Hotel and Climb Reservation:

The summit is located approximately midway between the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius and Kiev.  No guide, permit, or trail reservations are required.  You will never find the summit without hiring a car and driver to get you there since there are few meaningful signs along the way directing you to your destination.   Even with a driver, they can probably get you to the turnoff from the paved road onto a small gravel road (with a sign indicating the direction of the summit)...there are no further signs, however, if you look to the left about a minute or two down the gravel road, you should see the cross that marks the summit (it is down the first main turn-off on the original gravel road that you went down).  There is an obvious pull-off to the right with a large rock and cross at the top of the hill. 

If you are visiting Lithuania, you will find the capital of Vilnius to be a surprisingly beautiful and sophisticated city.  I stayed at the Radisson hotel and the service, rates and rooms were all surprisingly good.  I strongly recommend a side trip to Trakai, a small lake-strewn village with the only (incredibly beautiful) island-castle in eastern Europe.

to the roof and then finally exits into the Basilica itself.