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Ebright Azimuth

Background information:

Altitude: 448'

Tidbits:  Highest point in Delaware


Summitted, December 1, 2004


Time Zone: GMT -5  hours


When to go:


Route Selection:


Hotel and Climb Reservation:


Packing List:


Getting There:

The high point is located just off the intersection of of Ebright Road and Ramblewood Drive near Wilmington, Delaware.  The high point marker is at the intersection, while the actual high point is located about 200 yards west in the adjacent trailer park (there is a small while boulder that is visible from the entry point to the trailer's as good a marker as any).

Trip Description:

Park on the road, take a picture, leave.

The Trailer Park where the highpoint is located

At the "Summit"

View from the area

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