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Brasstown Bald

Background information:

Altitude: 4,784'

Tidbits:  Highest point in Georgia


Summitted, April 4, 2016


Time Zone: GMT -5  hours


When to go:


Route Selection:


Hotel and Climb Reservation:


Packing List:


Getting There:

State Route 180East onto 180 Spur at Jack's Gap for 3 miles until you each the Brasstown Bald Recreation Area entrance and parking area. Note there is a small fee ($5) to access the site...this price includes a shuttle to the summit if you desire.

Trip Description:

This area in Georgia is surprisingly mountainous and wooded. The Recreation Area contains a large parking lot and visitor's center. You have two options to reach the summit...first, is to walk the 1/2 mile paved trail (easily located behind the visitor's center) directly to the summit, or take a free shuttle to the summit.

The summit contains a large visitor's center that offers commanding views in all directions. The high-point itself is sneakingly hidden behind a locked gate near the staircase. While some people feel they reached the high point by getting to the visitor's center, I always like to "touch" the high-point itself. I found out that if you ask nicely, a ranger will open the locked gate so you can get to the marker and the "true" summit.

Visitor's center located at the top of the trail

View from summit

Summit selfie

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