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Driskill Mountain

Background Information:


Altitude: 535'

Tidbits:  Highest point in Louisiana

Summitted, October 27, 2018


Time Zone: GMT -6  hours


When to go:


Route Selection:

There is only one route which is accessed via the dirt road described in the "getting there" section. Please note that the trail and summit is on private property but hikers have permission to access the trail and highpoint as long as they remain on the marked trail.


Hotel and Climb Reservation:


Packing List:



Getting There:

It is a bit tricky...From the intersection of Route 507 and and Route 707, proceed southwest on Route 507 about 1 mile to the Mount Zion Church and park in the dirt lot on the side of the church. The trail is obvious and right in front of this parking area. NOTE: Using Google Maps GPS I entered the name of the church and it took me to a dirt road in the middle of a field 13 miles away. Try entering "Mount Driskill" in Google Maps and it should take you there. Also, there is limited or no cell service in the area, so make sure you download your map and route before getting too close while you still have a cellular signal.


Trip Description:

An unremarkable 2 mile roundtrip hike on a wide gravel/dirt trail to the summit. When on the trail, make your SECOND right to the final summit section. There is a register/sign at the summit, and a rock cairn at the true highpoint, as well as a seating area with limited views. 


Typical section of trail

Limited view/Seating area near summit

Summit Selfie at highpoint sign

Summit selfie at rock cairn at the true highpoint

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