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Backbone Mountain

Background Information:


Altitude: 3,360'


Tidbits:  Highest point in Maryland


Summitted, December 2, 2004


Time Zone: GMT -5  hours


When to go:



Route Selection:

The primary route is an old jeep trail/logging road that is located off US Highway # 219.


Hotel and Climb Reservation:



Packing List:



Getting There:

The trailhead is accessed off US Route 219 about one mile south of the intersection with Rt. 24 in West Virginia.  When heading south, there is a white wood sign that says "Maryland Highpoint".  There are also large red spray-painted letters marked "HP" on the adjacent trees and traffic signs. 


Trip Description:

Park off the side of the road and proceed up the old trail following the well-marked red spray-painted blazes.  The trail is a little over a mile to the top and has an elevation gain of 750 feet.  Near the summit you will see an old WV/MD concrete state boundary marker.  At the summit itself, you will see a point of interest sign.  When I summitted, there was also a picnic table and a "mailbox" with the trail register and some self-issue certificates from the Highpoint club that you can take with you as a memento.  There are fairly good views to the east and west.  Also, when I visited on December 2nd, the last person to visit the high point was there three days earlier, so it does not look like the trail gets too much use.

Summit area

Marker at the Summit

Sign at the Summit

Summit selfie

Summit view

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