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Mount Livermore

Background Information:

Altitude: 788'


Tidbits:  Highest point on Angel Island


Summitted, August 17, 2008

Time Zone: GMT -8 hours


When to go:



Route Selection:

Once on the island head west and follow the well marked trail to the summit.


Climb Reservation:

No guide, fee, permit, or trail reservations are required.

Packing List:

Nothing special.


Getting There:

Mount Livermore is located on Angel Island State Park. You will need to take the ferry to get there. The most frequent ferry service is from Tiburon, with ferries leaving every 20 minutes or so during summer weekends, and every hour or two during the winter. Ferry service is also provided at Fisherman's wharf, but has less frequent departures and returns.


Parking in Tiburon is usually not a problem and will cost about $5. You purchase your ticket as you enter the boat and reservations are not necessary. This ticket provides both round-trip ferry service as well as your admission to the park. If you have a private boat, you can take it directly to Angel Island and pay a small mooring fee. The ferry crossing has great views and takes 15 minutes.


Trip Description:

Angel Island is one of my favorite places in the Bay area. There is an abundance of history, spectacular views and nice hiking and biking opportunities. Once you arrive, there is a visitor's center, small cafe, and a bike rental shop.  You can also take a tram tour of the island (highly recommended since there is a LOT of history on the island) can even rent a Segway to do the 5 mile loop around the perimeter of the island. 


The trail system is well marked. The most direct way to the summit is to head west on the main road and then take the marked trail to the summit. It is a 5 mile round-trip hike, with incredible views in all directions almost constantly as you ascend.

View of Tiburon from the trail

The trail itself

Another trail shot

Summit view looking at the Golden Gate Bridge

Summit selfie

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