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Background Information:

Altitude: 1,056'

Tidbits:  Highest point in The Netherlands (Holland).


Summitted, May 11, 2005


Time Zone: GMT +1 hours


When to go:

The summit is reachable any time of year.


Route Selection:

No selection is required.  Walk up the access road to the summit marker.


Hotel and Climb Reservation:



Packing List:

Nothing special.


Getting There:

The high point is located at the junction of Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany.  There are many roads you can take there, depending upon your country of origin.

Trip Description:

They say that Holland "doesn't have a high point", so I was pleasantly surprised to find such a nice little area (albeit highly commercialized).  After parking in one of the many parking areas, walk to the summit/tri-country marker area.  The markers are clearly identified.  There are a few gift shops/restaurants here, as well as a playground.  There is a large observation tower about 50 yards down the road that provides some great views.

At the tri-country marker...I have one foot in Holland, one foot in Germany and I'm leaning over Holland

Summit view

Summit view

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