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Bukit Timah


Background Information:

Altitude:  535'

Tidbits:  Highest spot in Singapore.  Technically, this is a hill, not a mountain.


Summitted, November 12, 2002


Time Zone: GMT +8 hours

Maps:     None


When to go:

Anytime.  The weather will be hot, humid, and probably rainy.


Route Selection:

There is only one way to get to the top...along the paved road which begins at the base of the Bukit Timah Nature Preserve.


Hotel and Climb Reservation:

No guide, permit, or trail reservations are required.  There are numerous excellent hotels located throughout Singapore.  Taxi fares are quite reasonable and it is unlikely that you will need to travel more than 45 minutes from ANYWHERE in the country to get to the nature preserve.  If you have your own car, there is adequate parking at the base of the trail.


Packing List:

Standard light hiking gear and water for a day hike. 

Trip Description:

A friend drove me to the base of the Bukit Timah Nature Preserve and I immediately noticed the large troop of monkeys wandering freely at the trail base and in the trees.  There are signs posted clearly stating not to feed the monkeys and one thing you should know about Singapore, is that when the government says not to do something, they mean it. 

Monkies at bottom of highpoint trail

Universal sign for "Do not feed the monkies"

Universal sign for "Keep the heck out!" (military radio facility near summit)

Summit selfie

The Magnificent Marina Bay Sands Hotel

​The rooftop pool at the Marina Bay Sands...don't swim over the edge!

​The beautiful "Gardens by the Bay" adjacent to the Marina Bay Sands.

Some New Construction in the forested area

...reminds me of the "Emerald City" from the Wizard of Oz rising out of the forest.

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