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Tivoli Gardens (Denmark)

When to go:

Late Spring to early fall (check operating schedule for hours).

Background Information:

One of the most beautiful places in Europe and the oldest amusement park in the world (some say the 2nd oldest, but it really doesn't matter).  Tivoli is many historic landmark, an arboretum, a giant cavalcade of restaurants, and an amusement park.  The park takes on two personas...during the day, flowers and gardens are the main attraction.  At night, the entire park is lit with a million lights and people flock there for the restaurants. 

Tivoli charges a small admission charge (under $20) which gets you into the place (but does not include any rides).  The restaurants serve slightly above average food and very above average prices...but pay the price and enjoy the stunning views and atmosphere. 

The park is located 2 blocks from the train station and across from the Radisson Royal Hotel (the interior lobby and rooms are done in a unique post-modern design and is considered by many to be a masterpiece)

Tivoli entrance gate

Tivoli during the day

Tivoli at night

Copenhagen "New Harbor" area (Hans Christian Anderson lived at the end of this block)

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